Akron, Ohio, September 13, 2022 – Energy Harbor Corp. announced today they are joining forces with the University of Toledo, major industrial companies in the region, several DOE national laboratories and others to form a new industry-led coalition, Great Lakes Clean Hydrogen (GLCH), to transition the Midwest into a leading low-carbon fuel production center, attracting major investment, new businesses and job creation.


“This industry-led Hydrogen Hub coalition intends to ensure that the Midwest is a leader in a decarbonization transition so that regional industries and supply chains are globally competitive, and opportunities are created for workers and their communities,” said Frank Calzonetti, vice president for research at The University of Toledo.


Utilizing the carbon free nuclear power generated by Energy Harbor’s Davis-Besse Power Station, GLCH will produce clean hydrogen through water electrolysis aligned with the DOE’s Hydrogen Shot goals and will result in near-term cost-effective decarbonization, pollutant reductions and high-paying employment opportunities. The focus on clean hydrogen production through electrolysis avoids the challenge of capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide.


Energy Harbor’s, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer, David Hamilton said, “We appreciate the opportunity to join this industry-led effort with so many other forward-thinking organizations. The development of the Great Lakes Clean Hydrogen project is an important step in the transformation of northwest Ohio and the regions around our nuclear plants into Clean Energy Centers (CECs) that will be the necessary 24/7 carbon free, infrastructure backbone of the US economy.”


“This agreement and projects like the carbon free data infrastructure project at our Beaver Valley Nuclear Station, demonstrate that clean energy infrastructure development near our nuclear facilities will create additional jobs and economic growth for our local communities while generating tangible value for our shareholders. We look forward to the culmination of these efforts as we pursue Clean Energy Center (CEC) projects at our nuclear facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania,” said Energy Harbor President and Chief Executive Officer, John Judge.