Energy Harbor Continues to Empower Customers to Achieve Climate Goals with Clean, Nuclear Backed, Carbon-Free Solutions

Akron, Ohio, August 4, 2021 – Energy Harbor continues to experience strong demand in its carbon-free retail electricity. During 2021, including recent weeks, interest in and sales of 100 percent carbon-free retail electricity products from the company’s clean, reliable nuclear fleet have increased significantly. A number of climate conscious customers have now entered into agreements with Energy Harbor that provide clean, reliable power and significant reductions in their carbon footprint.


Energy Harbor’s Senior Vice President of Sales, David Leone, stated, “We are encouraged by the overwhelming interest in our clean energy products across a range of commercial and industrial industry sectors including, data processing, auto, steel, plastics, food processing, secondary and higher education, municipalities and others. We continue to see a shift in carbon-free demand as customers strive to achieve their ESG goals. In addition to our ever-growing commercial and industrial carbon-free customer base, we are also serving nearly 100,000 individual residential customers with 100 percent carbon-free power, eliminating over a half a million tons of carbon dioxide from the environment annually.”


Energy Harbor produces enough clean energy from its four nuclear units in Ohio and Pennsylvania to meet the annual needs of over three million homes. The company is focused on enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Customers seeking more information on Energy Harbor’s carbon-free product offerings can visit our website Energy Harbor Carbon-Free or contact us at