Akron, Ohio, August 8, 2022 – Energy Harbor Corp. announced today it has launched a 24/7 emission-free energy compliance product to meet the growing demand for customers requiring validation that the energy they consume is 100 percent emission-free every hour of every day. Leveraging FlexiDAO's technology and insights from Google Cloud, Energy Harbor will be providing the 24/7 emission-free energy credits (EFEC) created by its nuclear fleet, capable of generating over 32 million credits annually.


FlexiDAO’s 24/7 carbon-free energy tracking and certification platform, built on Google Cloud, allows Energy Harbor to handle the large amounts of data required to match the hourly demand of customers with Energy Harbor’s emission-free generation and the EFEC it creates. John Judge, Energy Harbor's chief executive officer, said “This collaboration with FlexiDAO and Google Cloud has enabled us to meet an important customer need. Now customers will be able to know with certainty every megawatt they consume was produced by an emission-free source.”


The demand for 24/7 emission-free energy matching is growing rapidly and Energy Harbor, having unveiled a plan to become a 100% carbon-free energy infrastructure and supply company by 2023, is sharing insights from its own energy journey. The 24/7 emission-free energy product is a new approach to clean energy that accelerates the decarbonization of electricity systems by enabling organizations to meet their full electricity demand with carbon-free resources - every hour, every day, everywhere.


The 24/7 emission-free product is just one of the ways Energy Harbor is helping customers fully meet their zero-emission goals. This product will be available to Energy Harbor’s electric customers, as well as customers seeking to simply use the EFEC to offset their consumption on an hourly basis. To find out more about this exciting new product visit us at www.energyharbor.com or contact us at carbon-free@energyharbor.com.