Akron, Ohio, October 14, 2022 – Energy Harbor Corp. has issued its 2022 Sustainability Report: Building a Sustainable Future, reflecting progress made in its environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey. The report is available at EnergyHarbor.com.


Since the company’s launch in 2020, Energy Harbor has been focused on being a highly reliable provider of carbon free baseload electricity committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles critical to meeting the nation’s emissions goals and accelerating the country’s clean energy transition.


Energy Harbor’s nuclear generation fleet plays an important role in helping the nation meet its growing energy needs while protecting the environment and addressing climate change. The Sustainability Report highlights many of the significant steps Energy Harbor is taking to achieve that objective, including the decision to become a 100% carbon free generator in 2023, the partnership with the Department of Energy and Idaho National Labs making the Davis-Besse Power Station one of the first true carbon free hydrogen production facilities in the country and the company’s commitment to protecting the environment.


The report also outlines the set of Core Principles guiding Energy Harbor’s overall ESG efforts and includes climate policy advocacy, customer transformation, governance and commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.


John Judge, Energy Harbor’s president and CEO said, “We are proud of these early achievements and look forward to continuing our ESG journey. Together we are striving to be responsible stewards of the environment, to support the neighborhoods and communities we serve, and to empower, respect and attract a diverse workforce.”


  • Will be becoming a 100% carbon free generator in 2023
  • Second largest non-regulated carbon free nuclear energy provider in the United States
  • Building one of the first true carbon free hydrogen production facilities in the country