Commitment to safety first for our business, our local communities and our customers

A safety culture is at the core of how we do business. Our team operates each day with best in class safety standards and practices. We dedicate ourselves to consistently measuring and maximizing safety performance to achieve the most secure operating environment possible for our employees and partners. 

High performing, continuously improving culture

The only way to succeed in a constantly changing environment is to maximize the performance of our employees.  Excellence in safety, operations and financial performance combined with hard work, collaboration and a questioning attitude will drive us to innovate and lead our industry.  Challenging ourselves to meet the standard of performance excellence, act with a sense of urgency and constantly improve each day creates tangible value for our shareholders, employees, customers and local communities.

Focus on local communities, the environment and customers

Social responsibility is a requirement to be a profitable, well run business on a sustainable basis. This means supplying carbon-free power to the communities we serve. We also focus on providing value added, creative solutions for our retail customers.  They are critical to our success and often co-exist within our local communities.