Carbon Emissions, Carbon Offsets and Net Zero

What are carbon offsets? And how will they help us build a cleaner world?

To achieve net zero by 2050, organizations large and small must find ways to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint – a carbon footprint that extends beyond the company’s own carbon emissions. While critical to meeting ESG goals and achieving carbon neutrality, reducing or eliminating emissions, for many companies, is either cost-prohibitive or detrimental to the bottom line. Buying carbon offsets, however, provides a practical solution.


Here we explore what carbon offsets are and how corporate carbon offsetting helps industries and organizations reduce their Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, as well as carbon emissions in their supply chain (Scope 3). We provide a guide to get started and showcase the way Energy Harbor's Emission-Free Energy Certificates provide not only a measurable offset of your business's carbon footprint but also promote a clean energy future worldwide.