Achieving carbon free in real time

Energy Harbor's 24/7 Carbon Free energy solution is changing the way organizations achieve their climate goals. Companies today are focused not only on offsetting their overall carbon footprint through clean energy, but ensuring that their operations don't require a  carbon-emitting energy source at any time. Today, this goal is possible.

Combining hourly usage data with real-time clean energy generation

Many companies today have set goals to deliver immediate carbon reductions in their operations, and require a real-time match of their energy usage with clean energy generation. Energy Harbor's 24/7 emission-free energy product matches hourly usage data with hourly generation output, ensuring that customers are able to fully meet their zero emission goals.  

Blockchain Carbon Accounting

Traditional clean energy products rely on total monthly usage to determine how much energy a purchaser used, regardless of when the energy was used, and then retiring clean energy certificates to offset their usage. Real-time, 24/7 Carbon Free uses blockchain carbon accounting to ensure that hourly usage is matched by generating real-time energy credits, and registering these credits on behalf of the customer. Blockchain carbon accounting enables automatic time-stamping and distribution, ensuring that a certificate is immediately retired after being assigned to a customer. 

FlexiDAO and Google Cloud

Energy Harbor's 24/7 Carbon Free solution leverages technology from FlexiDAO and Google Cloud. FlexiDAO is global climate tech company that co-creates the international standard around energy-related emission compliance. FlexiDAO's cloud-based platform enables Energy Harbor to manage the tremendous amount of data required for matching hourly usage with hourly generation output, together with the carbon accounting required for each emission-free energy certificate. 

Why 24/7 Carbon Free is the critical next step towards a clean energy future

Measures climate impact beyond standard offsets

A 24/7 Carbon Free solution helps organizations measure and report on the impact of their climate actions in real-time, demonstrating the immediate impact their actions have on achieving a clean energy future.

Eliminates the need for carbon-emitting generation

While a traditional carbon offset product may offset the volume of energy usage, carbon-emitting generation may still be used to meet energy demand, especially for intermittent energy resources like wind and solar.

Promotes the development of clean technology solutions

Energy Harbor's 24/7 Carbon Free solution uses real-time energy usage data, which can provide additional insights into how energy is used. This data can be harnessed by customers to become smarter about their energy usage, further reducing their carbon footprint. 

How 24/7 Carbon Free compares with other carbon offset solutions

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A standard carbon offset product ensures that carbon credits (from renewable energy or other sources) are retired on behalf of a customer in an amount equal to the energy they used. While the total volume of energy usage is offset with clean energy credits, the organization’s operating activities may still require energy from carbon emitting resources, since  renewable energy products rely on wind and solar that are not available each hour of every day. But 24/7 Carbon Free covers not just how much power is used, but when the power is used. Our 24/7 product goes beyond typical carbon offsets, and ensures that no carbon-emitting generation source is needed at any time for business operations. 

An Emission Free Energy Certificate (EFEC) represents a specific amount of clean energy produced by a generator, and Energy Harbor's EFECs are tracked through PJM's Generation Attribute Tracking System  (GATS). EFECs are then match with a customer's hourly usage data using blockchain carbon accounting.  

Energy Harbor's 24/7 Carbon Free product is available to customers located in Energy Harbor's service area. Other clean energy products, such as standalone Emission Free Energy Certificates, are available to customers nationwide.

Yes, in order to obtain the hourly usage data needed for a 24/7 Carbon Free energy solution, a power supply contract is required. Competitive fixed rate options are available, with terms up to 60 months.