Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), also known as Government, Municipal, or Community Energy Aggregation (depending on the state), is a program that allows local governments to bid and choose an energy supplier for their communities. Community Aggregations have proven to be an effective means for many municipalities to provide exclusive pricing on gas or electric rates for residents and small businesses and support the sustainable energy goals of the community. Aggregation programs are currently authorized in seven states, however, most of these CCA legislations were passed by voters in the early 2000s which is often why so many people aren’t aware of Community Choice Aggregation or that their community participates in such a program. Energy Harbor services three of those seven states: Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio.

How does it work?

While the local utility still handles the delivery (distribution) to homes, schools, and local small businesses, communities can leverage their collective purchasing power to get a competitive market rate for its members. It’s important to note that participation is voluntary, and residents and small businesses have the option to opt out within the opt out period or may leave the program at any time.

Benefits for Energy Harbor Aggregation Communities

There are several benefits to homes, small businesses, and local governments participating in a Community Choice Aggregation program and even more when Energy Harbor is your aggregation partner.

Communities aggregate their demand to gain bargaining power and negotiate competitive prices with suppliers. This often results in exclusive electricity prices for its members. Energy Harbor is a fully integrated natural gas and electricity provider, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, the company proudly serves nearly one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan

Community Choice Aggregation gives communities more local control over their natural gas and electricity choices – in terms of suppliers as well as energy sources.  As a supplier, we provide affordable access to a suite of energy options to meet your household needs. 

Residents will not face any enrollments fees upon starting with their community’s chosen supplier. It’s important to note, you are in not obligated to stay with the chosen supplier and have the option to opt-out within the opt-out period. With Energy Harbor, you can also chose to leave the program at anytime without any cancellation or early termination fees. 

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