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Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), also known as Government, Municipal, or Community Energy Aggregation, is a program that allows local governments in Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey to gain group buying power and choose an energy supplier like Energy Harbor to serve their communities. Community Choice Aggregations have proven to be an effective means for many municipalities to provide more competitive rates on gas or electric generation to their eligible residents and small businesses.


There's no need to shop for an electric or gas offer when community officials have already negotiated an exclusive price for you.


Please review the eligibility requirements exclusive to each community if interested in an aggregation. If your home or small business falls outside the geographic boundaries of participating communities or you have a special arrangement with your utility, then you may not able to join. Energy Harbor will review your enrollment request for eligibility. If unable to participate in the selected community program, Energy Harbor will provide a notice of your ineligibility and, where possible, inform you if Energy Harbor serves another community for which you are eligible.


To learn more about the benefits of aggregation or if a community program is right for you, see our full list of Frequently Asked Questions


Please Note: Don’t see your community below? Please contact Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749 to see if a program is available for your community while we continue to make updates to this page.