Switching electric companies

Consumers today value choice. And while homeowners have countless options for most of the products they buy, that’s not the case when enrolling in home utilities. For years, the local electric company was typically the only choice for gas and electric, but competitive retail energy suppliers now offer more options. Thanks to Energy Choice, customers can shop for fixed electricity rates and find more sustainable energy plans from companies like Energy Harbor.


So how does switching from the local electric company to an electricity supply company impact your service? Here’s a helpful guide to what will change, what remains the same, and how the supply company and local electric company work together.

Switching suppliers

As with any significant purchase, it is critical to spend some time comparing available options. Choosing the right supplier is a matter of evaluating your priorities as a consumer. What factors are most important to you in an energy plan? Lower electricity rates? Predictable electric bills? Carbon-free energy? It’s important to consider these factors when choosing an energy plan that’s right for you.


Once you’ve selected a retail energy supplier, companies like Energy Harbor will manage the process for you with your utility company, without any cost to switch, interruption of service or need for a technician to visit the home.


Typically, switching to a different electricity supply company can take anywhere from 1 to 45 days, depending on where you live. In many cases, you’ll still receive a bill from your local utility, but your new electricity supplier will be listed as a line item.

Service and Reliability: What to Expect

Even after the transition to your new electricity supply company is complete, the service and repair responsibilities of your local utility company will remain the same. They will continue to maintain and service power lines and poles, which means you will continue to contact your local utility company directly whenever you need to report an outage or service issue.


How billing might change

Billing methods vary by state. In most states, customers will continue to receive a single bill from the local electric company. Your new electricity supply company will be listed as the supplier on the bill once the enrollment process is completed.


Since the responsibility of maintaining and servicing power lines, as well as delivering electricity remains with the local utility company, you will still see their charges for electric delivery on your bill. Learn more about how to read your electric bill.


Depending on the utility, paperless and budget billing options should still be available for customers to pay their bills. While Energy Harbor’s fixed rate plans ensure your supply rate remains the same over the contract term, overall energy use will still impact how much you pay each month in your electric bill. You may value the additional consistency of budget billing, especially during the months you use more energy. Be sure to monitor your energy use so you understand when you use more energy and can take action to reduce your use.