Energy Harbor is responsible for supplying power purchased from a regional transmission organization (RTO) in an amount equivalent to the electricity use in your home or business. As part of that service, retail electric suppliers are required to provide standardized environmental disclosure information about source, mix, emission, and renewable energy attributes of the electricity generated in these areas.

Environmental Labels

Environmental disclosure labels provide information on the fuel sources, fuel mix, and regional emission information associated with the production of electric energy in the regions identified.  

Product Content Labels

Energy Harbor provides products with additional green energy attributes in the form of renewable energy certificates. A product content label discloses the fuel sources and location of the renewable energy production associated with these certificates.


What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?


A REC represents the environmental benefits of 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy, such as wind or solar generation, that can be paired with electricity. Your REC purchase supports renewable electricity production in the region of generation. For every unit of renewable electricity generated, an equivalent number of RECs are produced by purchasing and pairing RECs with your electricity service. RECs are not sold more than once or claimed by more than one party. 


By purchasing REC products, you are using and receiving the benefits of that renewable electricity. Your REC purchase also helps build a market for renewable electricity. Increased demand for renewable electricity helps reduce conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable electricity generator is located. It also has other local and global environmental benefits, which may include emitting little or no regional air pollution or carbon dioxide.  

Green-e® Certified Product Content Labels

AllGreen® is Energy Harbor’s 100% Green-e® certified renewable electricity certificate product.


AllGreen® RECs are verified and certified by Green-e® Energy and meet the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Energy Harbor is required to disclose the quantity, type, and geographic source of each certificate.


For more information related to Green-e® certification, see 

REC Product Labels

Energy Harbor also sells renewable energy certificate products from regionally certified wind, solar, and emission-efficient sources and is required to disclose the quantity, type and geographic source of each certificate. The percentage of RECs paired with your electricity complement, rather than includes, the state-minimum Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for each state.