Community Aggregation

Some states, such as Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey have laws that allow for communities to form aggregated buying groups using the collective buying power of the community to purchase electric generation on behalf of their citizens. The community or governmental aggregator chooses the electric generation supplier for all members in its group.

Residents in your community voted to allow your locally elected officials to contract for an electric generation supplier on behalf of the community.

First, the governmental aggregation issue must be placed on the ballot and then passed by a majority of the voters. Once passed and a supplier has been selected, all eligible residents and small businesses in the community will be enrolled and will begin receiving the generation pricing under the program. Consumers do not need to do anything to join the program. However, anyone who does not want to participate in the program can easily opt-out by returning their opt-out form, which will be mailed to all eligible members.

Eligible customers are notified by mail and automatically enrolled in the program unless they chose not to participate; those who do not want to participate are given the opportunity to opt out. Anyone can choose not to be enrolled as an electric generation customer with the community’s competitive electric generation supplier by returning the opt-out form by the due date, which is included in a letter that is mailed to all eligible consumers. However, residents who previously opted out of the program, were ineligible to participate on an opt-out basis due to receiving service from another supplier, or recently moved to the community can still enroll in the program.

Governmental aggregation makes it is easy for residents and small businesses to join the program. Eligible residents and small businesses that receive the opt-out letter do not need to take any action to be included in the community’s governmental aggregation program and begin receiving competitively priced electricity from the community’s competitive electric generation supplier. If you do not wish to participate you may return the opt-out business reply card by the due date. Following the opt-out period, residents and small businesses may cancel their participation at any time. Please consult the terms and conditions associated with your community’s program as some programs may be subject to early termination fees if you leave the program after the opt-out period.

You can stay with your current electric utility, which will continue to supply your electricity as it always has, or you can shop for an alternative generation supplier.

If your community has an aggregation program eligible residents and small businesses will be notified by mail. If your community has an aggregation program supplied by Energy Harbor, it will also be listed on our Find Your Program page.