Electric Savings with Energy Harbor

With energy choice, you can choose the electricity plan that works best for your family. Energy Harbor offers a simple 12-month fixed-rate plan that’s designed to save you money on your electric bill, depending on the price of electricity in your area. This plan could reduce the electricity portion of your bill when our price per kilowatt-hour is lower than your current utility provider. Simply enter your zip code and compare our energy plans to your utility’s price-to-compare to see if you could start saving with us. If our rate is lower, just provide some additional contact and home information to enroll, and we’ll handle the rest. Saving is that simple.

Reliable Service and Rates with Energy Harbor

When you switch your energy supply to Energy Harbor, we take the worry out of fluctuating energy prices. Unlike utility supply rates that may change several times per year, our fixed-rate plans mean you pay the same price per kilowatt-hour for electric supply over the length of your contract. We also offer long-term contracts that enable you to lock-in an affordable 18, 24, or 36-month rate so that you have more predictable energy costs. Customers who select a long-term contract can avoid unexpected price hikes that can add up over time. Weather the seasonal fluctuations in energy prices by securing the same affordable rate for years, and you will enjoy peace of mind with dependable energy costs in your electric bill.

The Energy Harbor Clean Energy Difference

We are an energy company made up of everyday people who understand how important clean and reliable electricity is to our customers’ everyday lives, today and for the future. We offer clean energy plans that give you the option to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing zero-carbon, clean energy for your home. When you switch to Energy Harbor, you’re choosing an energy supplier that empowers customers to help create a clean energy future.

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