Thank you for your interest in net-metering. You may qualify for net-metering if you are an Illinois retail customer who owns or operates an "eligible renewable electrical generating facility" on your premises with the primary intention to offset your own electrical requirements. Please refer to the FAQs below for a full list of eligible generating facilities.


To enroll an existing net-metered account, you must contact and notify Energy Harbor of your intent to participate by completing the application relevant to your Illinois electric utility below.


Please Note: Unused credits from your Illinois electric utility or previous supplier will not carry over to Energy Harbor and any used credits will be lost upon contract expiration with Energy Harbor regardless of settlement month. You should consider the value of these unused credits to you before entering into net-metering service with a retail electric supplier rather than your electric utility.

How to Apply

To enroll an Illinois net-metered account, please download and submit the completed application to: ehbillingteam@energyharbor.com


Comed Net-Metering Application


Ameren Net-Metering Application


Upon receipt of the application, Energy Harbor must validate the eligibility of your net-metered account with your electric utility in order for your usage to be tracked and credited to you. Authorization by your electric utility may take up to 2-4 weeks. Energy Harbor will not begin to track your net-metered usage until the first available meter-read cycle after receiving confirmation from your electric utility. Please allow 1-2 meter read cycles for credits to appear on your bill.


Ohio: Energy Harbor does not offer net-metering on supply charges for residents and small businesses. Individuals with this special arrangement should remain with their utility to maintain the benefits of that service.


New Jersey: Similar to Illinois, it may not be advantageous for a net-metering participant to shop with a generation supplier. Residents may forfeit credits for electric supply service and delivery service, or both, if they switch to a generation supplier. If you are in a community energy aggregation with Energy Harbor, please contact us at 1-866-636-3749, Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST to express your interest in net-metering. We will then arrange for a representative from the aggregation team to return your call to discuss options and possible next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer net-metering in ComEd and Ameren Service Territories.

A residential or commercial electric customer that owns or operates a solar, wind or other eligible renewable electrical generating facility with a rated capacity of not more than 2,000 kilowatts that is located on the customer’s premises and is intended primarily to offset the customer’s own electrical requirements.  If a system is sized greater than a customer’s own electrical requirements, it may not be eligible for net-metering. You should consult your electric utility to determine if your facility meets state requirements for net-metering eligibility.

Provided all of the above requirements are met, generation facilities powered by the following can be eligible for net-metering: solar electric energy, wind, dedicated crops grown for electricity generation, agriculture residues, untreated and unadulterated wood waste, landscaping trimmings, livestock manure, anaerobic digestion of livestock or food processing waste, fuel cells or micro turbines powered by renewable fuels, or hydroelectric energy.

You’ll pay the same rate as retail customers enrolled in an identical fixed rate offer with Energy Harbor who don’t net-meter, but you’ll only pay for the difference between the kilowatt-hours (“kWhs”) you generate and the energy delivered to your home from the grid.  Your fixed rate will remain the same for the length of your agreement with Energy Harbor. There is no additional charge for net-metering.

You’ll receive a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit on your next month’s bill for any excess energy your home sends back to the grid.  Net-metering credits are carried over month to month until they have been either used or expired.  Unused credits expire at the end of your annual period (also known as your settlement month) or upon your contract expiration with Energy Harbor.

Yes. You will need to submit a new net-metering application and inform your electric utility or current retail electric supplier that you plan to switch. Unused credits from your previous supplier or electric utility will not carry over to Energy Harbor.

Net-metering credits expire at the end of the annual period or upon contract expiration with Energy Harbor. When you enroll for net-metering, you can choose either April or October as your settlement months on your application. If your net-metering bank has credits during that settlement month, it will reset to a zero balance and you will not be compensated or credited for any lost credits. Regardless of settlement month, upon contract expiration with Energy Harbor, any unused credits will not be carried over to your electric utility or new retail electric supplier.

Banked kWhs and credits are not transferred from one electric supplier to another or to different accounts.  If you terminate your contract with Energy Harbor ahead of your settlement month or contract expiration, Energy Harbor will not issue you a refund or provide other compensation for the unused credits. 

To enroll in a net-metering program with a retail electric supplier, you must first go through the interconnection process with your electric utility to have the net-metering rider added to your account. If you submit an application to be on net-metering service with Energy Harbor prior to completing the interconnection process with your electric utility, the application will be rejected.  The initial interconnection process can take about 2-3 weeks and is in addition to the 2-4 weeks for your electric utility to authorize your net-metered service through a retail electric supplier like Energy Harbor. 

If you are currently enrolled with Energy Harbor and had the net-metering tariff with your electric utility applied to your account after enrollment, you must follow the application process outlined above for Energy Harbor to notify your electric utility of your intent to participate in net-metering with a retail electric supplier.