Trying to keep your electricity bill as low as possible just makes common sense. There are some simple things you can do that will make a big difference without giving- up on comfort or making a big investment that takes forever to payback.


A great strategy for lowering your home electricity bill is to use less electricity. For most homes there are some quick and easy ways to make a big impact.

Another great strategy to save on your electricity bill is to find a lower rate that allows you to pay less on every kWh of electricity you use. Energy Harbor offers a variety of affordable, fixed price plans that provide our customers the choice to pick a great plan that keeps their home energy budget balanced

LED Light bulbs

Lighting your home with energy efficient LED light bulbs can save hundreds of dollars per year. LED bulbs typically use a small fraction of incandescent bulbs and last many times as long. Prices of LED’s have decreased significantly in recent years so it’s much more affordable to make the switch.

Change Your Furnace/AC Air Filter

You should change your air filter once every 3 months to make sure your furnace and air conditioning are operating as efficiently as possible. A home’s HVAC system is typically the largest user of electricity in the home and keeping its air filters clean goes a long way to keeping down your electricity usage.

Install a Smart Thermostat

There are now many great options on the market that automatically control your home’s temperature to maximize comfort while minimizing cost. Smart thermostats allow you “to set it and forget it” as it personalizes your home heating and cooling to your specific lifestyle.