Shop Energy Companies in Pennsylvania to Find Your Plan

The Keystone state deregulated its electricity market in 1996 with the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act. Deregulation in Pennsylvania created a vibrant, competitive energy market.


Pennsylvania residents can compare natural gas and electricity plans from a variety of energy companies to power their home or business. Competition empowers customers to avoid seasonal rate changes and gives consumers more choices for supporting clean, carbon-free and renewable energy sources.


To help Pennsylvania residents find the right energy plan, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission offers resources for comparing energy suppliers. The Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate also offers shopping guides and price comparison charts to help customers make smart energy decisions.

Compare Pennsylvania electric rates

Energy choice gives customers more options for electricity supply. Customers can compare Pennsylvania electric rates from local utilities with offers from alternative supply companies.

Electric bills in PA include the utility company's Price to Compare. This number is the cost per kilowatt hour the utility charges for electric supply. Compare this number to the rate offered by each supplier to help determine which plan is best for you.


The cost for electric supply is just one part of your monthly bill. Moving electricity from the power plants to your home and maintaining power lines, transformers and substations add additional monthly costs.


The Price to Compare for electric supply in PA typically ranges between $0.04 and $0.08 per kilowatt hour in any given month, but can be higher or lower. Including other costs and fees from utilities, residential customers in Pennsylvania pay an average total of $0.0918 per kilowatt hour on their electric bill. The Price to Compare is one of two numbers you can influence to lower your energy bill. 

*Current Price to Compare rates accurate as of 6/01/2022. Rates may have changed since this date. Source: Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Switching Pennsylvania electricity plans

Once you’ve found the right electricity plan for your household, it’s easy to switch your electric supplier. Your new supplier will take care of the transition at no additional cost. There is no need for a technician to visit the home, and there will be no interruption of service. Switching to a new electric supplier may take one to six weeks, depending on your location.

There are a few things to keep in mind when switching suppliers:

Your local utility company will continue to be responsible for maintaining and servicing power lines. Report any power outages or damaged power lines directly and immediately to your utility.


You will continue to receive a single bill from the local utility company. Your new electricity supply company will be listed as the supplier on the bill once the enrollment process is completed.


Before you move, find out if your new supplier services the area you will be moving to. Your supplier will help coordinate any additional steps.

Choosing the Right Pennsylvania Electricity Plan for Your Home

There are many ways to customize your energy plan, and important differences to consider. Choosing the right plan comes down to what matters most to you as a consumer.

Lower Cost

Find your PA utility company’s Price to Compare to shop for a lower rate. The utilities serving Philadelphia differ from those in Pittsburgh or Scranton, so be sure to set up an account with your local utility company before shopping suppliers.

Source: Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Plan Length

Consider plans up to 36 months to lock-in competitive rates and avoid seasonal rate changes during Pennsylvania’s icy winters and hot summers.

Fixed Rate Plans vs. Variable Rate Plans

With a fixed rate plan, the rate you pay for electricity supply will not change over the duration of the plan. In variable rate plans, the cost per kilowatt hour fluctuates monthly with the energy market.

Clean Pennsylvania Energy

Choose suppliers like Energy Harbor that offer sustainable energy plans that contribute to a cleaner energy future. In fact, Energy Harbor generates carbon-free power through nuclear plants in Pennsylvania, like the Beaver Valley Power Station. Nuclear generation produces more than 90% of the state’s carbon-free electricity.

The benefits of choosing Ohio-based Energy Harbor

Based in Akron, Ohio, Energy Harbor is a major employer and contributor to local economies across Ohio.


As both an energy generator and retail supplier, Energy Harbor’s supply services are backed by actual power generation capabilities. That means Energy Harbor is able to provide long-term fixed price protection against fluctuating energy prices.


As the owner and operator of one of the most reliable and efficient generation fleets in North America, Energy Harbor provides dependable, affordable, carbon-free electricity to Ohio homes and communities.