When our phone or cable bill goes up, we shop around for a better plan. But we don't think twice when our gas or electric rate jumps up and down. Shouldn’t we ask why?

Get upfront answers from Energy Harbor

and take control of your energy costs

Q. How often can my rate change?

A. Variable rates from your supplier can change regularly. A fixed-rate plan from Energy Harbor locks in an affordable rate for up to 36 months.


Q. Is the lowest rate plan always the cheapest?

A. Some utility companies and energy suppliers offer lower introductory rates that increase over time – sometimes dramatically – or come with hidden fees. Energy Harbor plans offer fixed rates and no hidden fees.


Q. Does my supplier offer clean energy?

A. For many people, low cost isn’t the only consideration. Energy Harbor is a supplier and a generation company, producing enough carbon free energy to power nearly 4 million homes.

First, choose a plan

Fixed or variable rate? Short-term or long-term plan? Standard or zero-carbon energy? Learn more about your options and make an informed decision.


Next, switch your supplier

Switching is easy. Compare and choose the Energy Harbor plan that’s right for you and we’ll handle the rest.

Reliable energy

Our strength lies in our strategic ability to provide retail consumers and local communities with safe and reliable power – critical for grid stability.


Long-term fixed rates

Our fixed-rate plans mean you lock-in the same price per kWh for electric supply throughout your contract, whether that’s one year, two years or more.


Affordable clean energy

Our affordable clean energy plans give you the option to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing zero-carbon energy for your home.