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As one of the largest generators of carbon-free power, Energy Harbor is helping customers create a clean, sustainable future.

Power your business or home with 100% Carbon-Free Energy

Energy Harbor is committed to creating a clean energy future, and empowering our customers to do so as well. Not only are we one of the largest generators of carbon-free power, but we provide access to affordable clean energy products through Emission-Free Energy Certificates. The majority of our Emission-Free Energy Credits (EFECs) come from our four nuclear generation units located in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Achieving climate goals with Carbon-Free solutions

In 2020, nuclear power generated 790 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. That means nuclear power made up 20% of all electricity generated and 52% of carbon-free electricity in the United States. The International Panel on Climate Change found that nuclear energy’s life cycle carbon emissions were lower than solar, geothermal and hydropower and comparable to wind-generated power. According to The International Panel on Climate Change, nuclear energy is as clean as renewable energy. Electricity generated with nuclear energy avoided more than 471 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020. That's nearly equivalent to removing 100 million passenger cars from the road. 


Energy Harbor is proud to be one of the largest generators of carbon-free, nuclear power. We have four nuclear generation units strategically located across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Carbon-free power is tracked and delivered through Emission-Free Energy Certificates (EFECs), and our units produce nearly 30 million EFECs annually to provide these communities and surrounding states with dependable, affordable, and clean power.​

Carbon-free nuclear generation is the most dependable source of electricity, operating 24/7 at more than 92% average capacity factor. (Capacity factor is the ratio of the actual amount of electricity generated by a plant compared to the maximum amount that it could potentially generate, and it gives us a measure of the reliability of that energy source.) That’s more than two times the capacity factor of any other clean source; two times more reliable than coal; and one and half times that of natural gas. Nuclear plants are capable of operating for 18-24 months without interruption.

Important Steps Toward a Smaller Footprint

The term “carbon footprint” is thrown around a lot in climate conversations, but you may be wondering what it is and what it has to do with you. It is a measurement of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment, and carbon makes up over 78% of all greenhouse emissions produced**, hence the name “carbon footprint.” It can be measured on large, international scales as well as on a business level or individual level. ​


Your individual carbon footprint includes all emissions released by your day-to-day activities. The average carbon footprint for a person in the U. S. is 16 tons, but your personal footprint size may vary. Your direct emissions result from activities that involve the actual burning of fossil fuels, such as gas consumed from driving your car, while your indirect emissions result from activities that consume purchased energy, such as your home electricity and heating. ​


After transportation, electric power from fossil fuel combustion was the second largest contributor of carbon emissions in the U. S. in 2020**. Energy Harbor can help you shrink your carbon footprint by providing affordable access to carbon-free power. 

**Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse gas Emissions and Sinks 1990-2020, EPA

How does it work?

How is clean energy delivered to me?

Your business can be carbon-free through Emission-Free Energy Certificates (EFECs). An EFEC represents a specific amount of emission-free power produced, and when purchased, that amount is delivered to the grid. EFECs serve as the currency of the clean energy market and allow your business to meet its sustainability initiatives. 

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