Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station

Oak Harbor, Ohio


The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Ohio’s first nuclear power plant, is located on Lake Erie, 25 miles east of Toledo and 10 miles northeast of Oak Harbor.


The single pressurized water reactor plant generated its first megawatt of electricity in 1977.  Today, the plant generates 950 megawatts or 40% of the electricity used by residences, businesses, and industries in northwestern Ohio. That's enough to power 750,000 homes.  With about 550 full-time employees, Davis-Besse is among Ottawa County’s largest employers.


In 2015, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the renewal of Davis-Besse's operating license through 2037.  Davis-Besse's annual Community Day and Car Show draws thousands of visitors to the plant every Fall and raises thousands for local charities.

Davis-Besse's Role in Environmental Stewardship

Davis-Besse is situated on a 954-acre site on the southwestern shore of Lake Erie. More than 733 acres are designated as protected wetlands scalled the Navarre Marsh. Portions of the marsh, which is part of a major migratory pathway for birds, are preserved as the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Who Were Davis and Besse?

The plant is named after John K. Davis, who served as chairman of the Toledo Edison Company, and Ralph M. Besse, who served as chairman of the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. Those companies owned and operated the plant until they became part of FirstEnergy in 1997. Energy Harbor is the sole owner and operator of the plant today.

Generating both power and powerful communities

Beyond providing the grid critical, reliable, carbon free power, Energy Harbor takes great pride in the substantial employment and economic benefits Davis-Besse Power Station provides to Northwest Ohio. Our employees are extremely engaged in the Toledo and surrounding communities as well, specifically when it comes to our Harvest for Hunger campaign. Each year we raise money for local food pantries, and Davis-Besse continually leads the company year after year in campaign contributions. All donations from Davis-Besse go to the SeaGate Food Bank of Northwest Ohio for distribution to local pantries.

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