Perry Nuclear Power Plant

Perry, Ohio


Perry Nuclear Power Plant sits on Lake Erie in North Perry, Ohio, which is 35 miles east of Cleveland. This Boiling Water Reactor unit is on a 1,100 acre site, generates enough electricity to power more than 1 million homes daily and is one of the largest BWRs in the US. When Perry began operation in 1987, it became the country’s 100th nuclear power plant. Perry originally received a 40-year license to operate until 2026; a team is now working to extend the operating license for another 20 years.

Perry Certified as an Urban Wildlife Sanctuary

In 1993, the National Institute of Urban Wildlife certified the Perry Plant as an Urban Wildlife Sanctuary due to the over 850 acres of natural forest, marshes and ponds that provide a diverse habitat for wildlife. This local wildlife includes heron, belted kingfisher, ducks, geese and some endangered species including crane-fly orchid and spotted turtles.

Perry Produces Clean, Carbon-Free Energy for Ohio

The Perry Nuclear Power Plant produces a safe and reliable form of clean energy. Perry, along with Davis-Besse, produces 90% of Ohio's carbon-free electricity. Perry creates approximately 1,300 megawatts of clean generating capacity. Perry, like all nuclear power plants, is highly reliable, produces only water vapors - not air pollutants, and operates at full power over 90% of the time.

Perry Supports the Lake County Community

In Lake County, the Perry plant is one of the largest employers, providing more than 600 high quality jobs, and is one of the largest taxpayers, paying more than $18.8 million annually to support schools and other services. Employees give their time and talents to help the community by raising money for local Harvest for Hunger campaigns and educating others about nuclear power through the North American Young Generation in Nuclear and Women in Nuclear organizations.

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