Moving Center

Moving can be incredibly stressful even without having to worry about transferring your electricity to your new home.  The Energy Harbor Moving Center provides you the “Go To Place” to get all your questions answered to make sure your electricity setup is smooth and hassle-free.

Five Tips That Could Help You Save On Powering Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time full of possibilities. The number of decisions you need to make can seem overwhelming, and moving utilities and preparing your new home to be energy efficient may not rank high on your priority list. Knowing where to invest a little time and effort for the biggest payoff can be a great way to enjoy years of lower electric bills.

A Guide to Electrical Safety at Home

Electricity powers our lives. But it's not without potential dangers. Knowing the most common risks, and using a little common sense, we can promote electrical safety at home.

Your Power Outage Emergency Kit Checklist

Do you know what to do when the power goes out? Energy Harbor’s Power Outage Emergency Kit Checklist will help you prepare with useful tips for what to do before, during and after a power outage.

9 Power Outage Life Hacks

Whether the result of a lightning storm or downed limb, power outages strike without warning. It’s impossible to predict how long they’ll last, but for outages lasting several hours—or several days—learning a few power outage hacks can bring back the basics and make living without power more manageable.

Moving to Columbus, Ohio

From choosing a Columbus electric company to getting to know the community, food, sports and culture in your new city, these tips make the move to Columbus, Ohio, easy, safe and fun.

Moving to Illinois

Whether you are moving to Aurora or settling in Chicago, we can help you choose the best energy plan and plan the best night out.  

Moving to Cleveland

From comparing natural gas and electric rates in Cleveland, Ohio, to choosing a neighborhood that matches your personality, follow these tips to make your move easier.

Moving to Cincinnati

Moving to Cincinnati offers new residents many choices, from comparing Cincinnati electricity rates to how they want their Cincinnati-style chili.