Shop Energy Companies in Illinois to Find Your Plan

The state of Illinois began the process of energy deregulation in 1997, when state lawmakers passed the Illinois Electric

Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law, and additional state amendments - providing residents with the power of choice.


Energy deregulation in the Prairie State empowers residents and businesses to compare energy suppliers and plans and decide which one best fits their specific usage needs. One major benefit of today’s competitive energy market is increased transparency for Illinois residents. Electric utility providers are required to disclose prices, conditions, and contract terms.


Shopping and comparing Certified Retail Electricity Suppliers gives you greater control over your energy and allows you to save on utility bills. It also allows you to utilize more sustainable, renewable energy options.

Compare Illinois electric rates

Having the power to select an energy option that fits your specific usage needs puts you in the driver seat. Illinois residents and business owners are able to compare available energy rates offered within the state before deciding which electric supplier to partner with.


Local utilities in Illinois are responsible for operating and maintaining the energy infrastructures and transporting electricity and natural gas from where they originate to residential homes and businesses.

Illinois energy customers can find a full list of Certified Electric Illinois utilities on local sites that break down price comparisons and overall cost.


The average residential Illinois electricity rate in 2019 was 13.03 cents per kWh. Residents of the state tend to be energy-efficient with the 14th lowest average usage in the United States. All of this combines to a very favorable electricity bill when compared to the rest of the U.S. Illinois' average electricity bill in 2018 was $94.98, which was the 7th lowest in the country.

*Current Price to Compare rates accurate as of 4/01/2023. Rates may have changed since this date. Source: Illinoise Commerce Commision

Switching Illinois electricity plans

Once you’ve identified the energy plan that’s right for your home or business, it’s easy to switch your electric supplier. Your new provider will handle the transition at no additional cost without the need of a technician coming to your location.


When making the transition, keep in mind that your local utility company remains responsible for maintaining and servicing power lines. It is important that you report any outages or downed power lines immediately to the local provider.


Throughout the transition process, you will continue to receive a single energy bill from your utility company. The new Illinois electric supplier you choose will be listed as the provider once the enrollment process is finished.

Before you move or make the decision to switch providers, research which energy companies in Illinois cover your specific area of need. By doing this, you can get help directly from the provider in your area, as well as valuable information regarding the transition process.

Choosing the right Illinois electricity plan for your home

There are various factors to consider when deciding which energy plan best suits your needs. Selecting the right plan comes down to what matters most to you as an energy consumer.


Find your Illinois utility company’s Price to Compare to shop for the best rate. Utilities serving Chicago differ from those in Evanston, Oak Park, Newman, and other municipalities, so be sure to properly set up your personal account with your local utility supplier before shopping suppliers.

Plan Length

It’s beneficial to consider plans up to 36 months so you can lock-in the most competitive fixed rates and avoid seasonal rate changes during Illinois’ frigid winters and hot summers.

Fixed Rate Plans vs. Variable Rate Plans

Choosing a fixed rate plan allows you to set your payment and maintain a fixed price point throughout the year. Deciding on a variable rate plan keeps your price plan adjusting with the market.

Clean Illinois Energy

Energy Harbor is powering the clean energy future with eco-friendly choices, like zero carbon options and green energy plans that contribute to the health and wellbeing of our planet.

The benefits of choosing Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor is a trustworthy energy provider serving retail electricity to Illinois residents and businesses. We focus on safe and best-in-class operations while providing our customers with financially stable and eco-friendly energy options.


With a fleet of reliable resources, including carbon-free electricity and affordable plan options, Energy Harbor is well positioned for long-term success and competitiveness in Illinois’ low-carbon future.