Shop Energy Companies in Maryland to Find Your Plan

Since 1999, when the Maryland General Assembly passed the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act and deregulated its electricity market, residents and businesses have had greater control of their energy options.


Today, Maryland’s competitive energy market has grown to include more products and services from Maryland electric suppliers. Energy customers across the Old-Line State can shop and compare electricity plans and rates from a variety of energy companies in Maryland. The competition enables customers to avoid seasonal rate changes and better support green energy sources.


It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make smart energy decisions. With helpful, simple to navigate online resources, more home and business owners are easily researching Maryland electricity rates and providers. They’re becoming informed energy customers, and securing more sustainable, affordable energy options.

Compare Maryland electric rates

The ability to compare local utility rates to other Maryland electric company rates delivers many advantageous energy choices. Residents and businesses can secure a competitive plan - for both electricity and natural gas - that’s right for their budget and energy needs.


The Maryland Public Service Commission educates Maryland consumers on their energy choices and certifies competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers to ensure they meet strict requirements for doing business in the state.


Maryland Public Service Commission also hosts MD Electric choice, a tool that enables consumers to compare electric and natural gas options.

The combination of high average electricity rates (13.12 cents per kWh) and high average energy usage (20th highest in the US) makes the average electricity cost in Maryland among the highest in the country, at approximately $127.92 per month.


Luckily for Maryland residents and business owners, the state allows competition in the electricity supply market. This competition gives Maryland residents the freedom to switch to a cheaper rate whenever it benefits the consumer.

*Current Price to Compare rates accurate as of 4/01/2023. Rates may have changed since this date. Source: Maryland Public Service Commission

Switching Maryland electricity plans

When you have selected the electricity plan that’s best for your household or business, switching your electric supplier is simple. At no additional cost, your new energy supplier will handle the transition from your current utility company. During the changeover, you will not experience an interruption of service and a technician does not need to visit your home or business.


Depending on where you’re located, switching to a new, competitive supplier can take one to six weeks.

Points of Importance When Switching Maryland Electric Suppliers:

Regardless of who your new electric supplier is, your local utility company will remain responsible for maintaining and servicing the electricity transmission and delivery infrastructure. Additionally, reports of power outages or damaged power lines should be immediately reported to your local utility.

Billing remains streamlined, as you will continue to receive one electric bill from your local utility company. Once the enrollment process is complete, your new electricity supply company will be listed as the supplier on the bill. If a move is necessitating a switch in energy suppliers, find out if your new supplier services your new location. If they offer plans in your new area, they could help transfer service.

Choosing the right Maryland electricity plan for your home

Energy usage is never one-size-fits-all, and today’s competitive Maryland energy choices help consumers customize energy plans based on what matters most.

Lower Cost

When shopping for a lower rate, find your Maryland energy supplier Price to Compare. Utility services differ from city to city and town to town. Whether you live in or near Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, or another municipality, it’s important to set up an account with your local utility company before shopping for energy suppliers.

Plan Length

To lock-in competitive rates and avoid seasonal rate changes during Maryland’s temperature fluctuations throughout the year, consider plans up to 36 months.

Fixed Rate Plans vs. Variable Rate Plans

With a fixed rate plan, the price you pay for electricity utilization will not change for the duration of the plan. With a variable rate plan, the cost per kilowatt hour rises and falls monthly as the energy market changes.

Clean Maryland Energy

With a supplier like Energy Harbor offering zero carbon options and sustainable energy plans, contributing to a cleaner energy future is easy and affordable.

The benefits of choosing Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor is an established and trustworthy energy generator and retail supplier of dependable, affordable, carbon-free electricity. With a focus on safe, best-in-class operations, and backed by power generation capabilities, we provide long-term fixed price protection against fluctuating energy prices.


As the owner/operator of one of the most reliable and efficient generation fleets in North America, Energy Harbor is uniquely positioned for lasting competitiveness as a contributor to Maryland’s clean energy future.