Carbon Offsets  

Clean Energy Carbon Offsets

44.7 Billion

pounds of CO₂ avoided annually

370 Million

new tree equivalents

4.82 Million

car equivalents off the road

Our Solutions

As a retail supplier, we are uniquely positioned to offer clean, carbon-free energy to homes and businesses at an affordable, fixed rate.

The benefits of choosing Energy Harbor

We supply clean, carbon-free energy, and supply homes, businesses and communities with reliable energy products and services. Energy Harbor's fixed-rate plans offer more energy choices, long-term price protection, and could lower your rate when compared to your local utility. Learn more about us.


Energy Harbor is a trustworthy energy supplier serving retail electricity to nearly one million residents and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. We focus on safe and best-in-class operations while providing our customers with competitive, stable rates and eco-friendly energy options.


With a fleet of reliable resources, including carbon-free electricity and affordable plan options, Energy Harbor is well-positioned to help power our country’s low-carbon future. 

Energy Resources

Competitive and affordability claims are based on a comparison of the average of competitors’ rates posted to PUC state-run shopping sites. Energy Harbor’s online offers (price per kWh) are lower than the average competitive offer posted to these shopping sites.