She is currently the Primary Chemistry Program Owner in the Chemistry Department at Energy Harbor’s Davis-Besse nuclear power plant. This means she closely monitors the reactor coolant system and other radioactive systems like the Spent Fuel Pool and Borated Water Storage Tank. “I’m in charge of making sure all of the contents are within specifications to protect the fuel and components,” she explains. “With bad chemistry, it leads to corrosion and creates problems with the entire system.”


Her excitement for her job comes through in everything she does. “This is a great place to advance, learn new things, and use my biology and chemistry skills. The nuclear industry is an exciting industry to be in.” Jackie states proudly, “I think the people are great. All of the different work groups mesh and work well together leveraging each other’s area of expertise.”


Jackie Sharp is passionate about the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant and its people having grown up about a half hour from the plant. Jackie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lourdes University. Her roots are deep in the plant having worked her way up from an entry level tester to a program owner. “The health and safety of our neighbors and our families that live near the plant is our main focus,” Jackie reflects on her professional responsibility.


Jackie’s generous nature to giving back to the community is evident from her Harvest for Hunger pie baking campaign and silent auctions to other fund-raising events to benefit local food pantries. Her talent of carefully measuring ingredients in the kitchen is handed down to her by her mom and grandma. She is a contributor to the Humane Society of Sandusky County out of her love for animals. Jackie has a green thumb which reflects her science background and her care for the environment. She makes note of the plant being surrounded by the Navarre Marsh a wildlife persevere and how there are noticeable bald eagle nests in this area where very few existed years ago. “People should realize nuclear is a clean energy and we look out for the environment. That’s important to me as a biologist and an employee.”