Rebecca is a Nuclear Operations Training Supervisor at Energy Harbor’s Perry Nuclear Power where her job is to manage the project of qualifying new operators. Rebecca’s group is the first place new operators go for a rigorous 18-month training program with classroom, plant, and Control Room Simulator training.


After traveling to South Carolina and Michigan for different positions within nuclear power, Rebecca Heyse decided to move back home to Cleveland and call Perry Nuclear Power Plant “home.” She says Perry indeed feels like a home and is a great place to work. Rebecca values the strong culture of internal growth and development that Energy Harbor offers.


“My team puts potential operators into every situation imaginable – sometimes even beyond their imaginations – to ensure they can react safely to any actual event,” says Rebecca. “When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issues operator’s licenses at the end of this training, they are certifying confidence in the Operators to protect the health and safety of the public. My team establishes that confidence.”


Along with her role in training, Rebecca is an active member in Perry’s Women in Nuclear. While she is extremely passionate about advancing nuclear power through women, her life’s passion is preserving the planet. She works in nuclear power because of its clean carbon footprint. She even jokes that she drives a “nuclear powered car” because some of the electricity used to power her electric car comes from Perry.


Rebecca believes that “as more people start to value nuclear power for what it truly is – a clean source of energy – nuclear power around the world will be reinvigorated.”