Energy Choice

What is Energy Choice?

In many parts of the country, homes and businesses have the ability to pick who supplies the energy portion of their bill, even when the company that manages the poles and wires in their community stays the same. Energy Choice has given consumers the ability to pick the supplier and the plan that best fits their individual needs. It’s no longer the single utility era of one-size fits all when it comes to picking your electricity plan. It's that simple!

Your Choice

Choosing a Supplier

There are three different kinds of energy companies which all work together to make energy choice possible: Your local Utility is the company that manages the poles and wires in your area; they may also provide the supply portion of your energy bill. An Energy Supplier is a company that provides retail energy supply to homes and businesses by sourcing wholesale electricity. Finally, a Generation company manages the power units that actually produce the energy that flows onto the grid, and then to your home.

Energy Harbor is both an Energy Supplier and a Generation company. We generate our own electricity, producing substantial carbon-free power, while also providing retail energy products and services to homes and business across multiple States. When choosing an energy provider for your home or business, consider companies whose energy supply services are backed by actual power generation capabilities, and who have the ability to provide long-term price protection against fluctuating energy prices. 

Peace of Mind

Energy Choice works differently in each State. In some States, your local utility will continue to send you your electricity bill, while in others your Supplier will send you your monthly bill. Remember, picking a competitive energy supplier like Energy Harbor has no impact on the reliability of your electricity supply.  Your local utility still delivers your electricity just as they always have.  With Energy Harbor, you just have the choice to pick the plan that’s right for you.